What To Do In Case You Cannot Unlock The Garmin Maps?

Garmin offers awesome navigation features. But sometimes, users face errors like ‘Cannot Unlock Map Garmin’ or ‘Can’t Unlock Maps’. Are you, too, facing a similar issue? If yes, you should follow this guide. Stop searching over the Internet to get some appropriate troubleshooting ideas for this as we have mentioned everything you may need in this article. Go till the end and easily unlock the Garmin maps & fix any issues related to Garmin maps.

Other ‘Can’t Unlock Maps’ Related Garmin Issues 

You will be glad to know that in this article, we had explained many other related errors as well. Few other similar issues that you may face are:

  • After update showing an error ‘Can’t Unlock Maps’
  • Cannot Unlock maps as they are corrupted
  • Unable to open Garmin maps as file corrupted
  • Cannot unlock maps because of SD card
  • Can’t unlock maps after update on windows 10

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The Best Troubleshooting Tricks For The Error ‘Can’t Unlock Maps’

Find Your Garmin Unlock Codes And Unlock Maps Easily 

If you are getting ‘Can’t Unlock Maps’ Error, you can fix the issue by finding your Garmin Unlock codes. This trick will definitely help you get out of this problem.

Here are the steps following which you can fix the ‘Garmin unlock maps problem’ very easily.

  • Go to your Garmin account.
  • Find the unlock codes (You can call 1-833-201-7905  if you are not able to search for the Garmin unlock codes in your account).
  • Now, connect the GPS device to your computer.
  • Create a file with the file name ‘gmapprom.unl’.
  • Paste all your unlock codes after that (one code in a line).
  • Click at the Garmin folder and open it in the Garmin GPS device.
  • Save the file in this folder.
  • Restart the Garmin device.

By doing this, you will probably fix the error and you won’t have to face this irritating situation again.

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 Check Your Garmin Express Program Version

Garmin launches new map updates several times a year. You should make sure that you have installed the most recent version of the Garmin Express software.

An updated Garmin Express program is vital. The outdated version may not be able to download the maps and show error.

But the people using with older versions will usually see ‘Garmin Express not opening’’ or ‘Map Update fails to install’ kind of errors. Follow the below steps if you want to update your Garmin Express app:

  • To update your app to the latest Garmin Express version, visit with the official Garmin support page.
  • Also, when you open the Garmin Express program on your computer, you will be getting a pop-up message or notification to update your software (if an update is available).
  • After that, click at the “Install” option to start.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Wait until the application is updated.

You should not forget to restart the system after the Garmin Express application is updated.

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Check Your Internet Connection

It is well-known that any download requires a good internet speed. Without a good Internet connection, it is almost impossible to download or install an app. The same thing is applied to downloading and installing of the Garmin map updates. So, make sure to check the Internet connection before you go to garmin.com/mapupdates to update your application.

You should check the following things in order to ensure that you will be able to download and install the Garmin map updates in one go:

  • Ensure that you have an uninterrupted and fast Internet connection.
  • You are not using a limited data pack.
  • In case, you are using Wi-Fi, you should have a well connected and properly settled Wi-Fi network to download the updates.

Missing any of the above criteria may result in incomplete downloading of the map update files which will eventually result in showing the error ‘Can’t Unlock Maps’. It may also cause the ‘Garmin express not launching’ error.

There are few random tricks which you could try to fix the map update errors in case you are facing the Garmin map update related problems or any other Garmin map error for the 1st time. Try the following:

  • Close and re-launch your Garmin Express software for once.
  • Disconnect and reconnect your Garmin device from the computer or laptop.
  • Connect GPS device with your computer using a USB cable only.
  • After that, restart the computer and Garmin GPS device once.
  • Then, remove and re-insert the Micro SD card.
  • Also, try using a different browser to visit com/mapupdates and download the updates.

Most probably, these troubleshooting ideas will work and you will be able to resolve the map update problems. However. these tricks only work if the error/problem is not a critical one.

If you still face the problem, you can contact the Garmin experts and get instant help.

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Several ‘Can’t Unlock Maps’ Scenarios And Their Resolutions

There may be times when you go through few critical unlock errors with Garmin maps. Those are very difficult to understand and resolve at first.

Here, we have discussed all these errors with the best possible troubleshooting ideas for them. Have a look:

Cannot Unlock Maps Because Of SD Card

Don’t feel shocked, your SD card may also be a reason behind the error ‘Can’t Unlock Maps’ and you can easily resolve it.

Let Us Look At The Reasons That May Cause The Bad Behavior Of Your SD Card:

  • The SD card has not been not inserted or installed properly in your device.
  • The installed SD card may have got a map that is incompatible with the device you are using.
  • You copied the Garmin map from any other device to yours instead of downloading it.
  • Map data files may be corrupted.
  • The installed map may not be able to find unlock information and cause the error.

Now, let’s see how you can easily resolve the errors raised due to the above listed reasons.

  • You should start with removing your SD card and inserting it again and then restart the device.
  • If you have previously used this SD card in any other device and had installed maps. These previously installed maps may require unlocking for the current device.

Or it would be even better if you delete the old maps while using the SD card for your current device.

  • Was the SD card preloaded with maps? If yes, it’s better to contact Garmin support and learn better about this.
  • If you have copied maps from some other, it may also cause the error. So, you should delete those maps and install them again directly from com/mapupdates in order to fix it.

Following the above steps will most probably fix the Garmin unlock maps issue if it was because of a corrupted SD card.

For any further assistance on Garmin map updates, go through our map update guide.

‘Can’t Unlock Maps’ Error Post Update Or Can’t Unlock Maps Error After Update On Windows 10

The section will cover the map unlocking related issues that users face after an update. Also, if you are using windows 10 and facing such an error, this guide is for you. Here, we have mentioned the ways using which you can easily fix this error. If you feel that the error has occurred just after you had run an update for GPS map updated, you need to follow the given steps:

  • Cross check and make sure that you downloaded and installed the correct map update.
  • Also ensure that there is no other map already installed that may create a conflicting situation on the device.
  • The current map you have downloaded shouldn’t be corrupted. If you suspect it to be one, delete the existing one and then download a new one again by visiting Garmin’s official website.
  • You should check if your Internet connection was fast and uninterrupted. Because a slow or interrupted connection may lead to downloading of the corrupted map files or few files may be missing because of a broken or slow Internet connection.
  • Also check if your Garmin device is compatible with the latest map version?

If you find everything to be fine after trying all the above things and still getting error, you should contact the Garmin support team or call 1-833-201-7905.

Disconnecting The Garmin GPS device In A Rush From Your Computer 

Did you disconnect your device as soon as you got the ‘Complete update’ notification? Here you yourself are the reason behind creating all the mess of facing these map updates error.

It’s true, don’t get us wrong and try to understand the situation in more detail. Once you see the ‘Map update complete’ notification on the device screen, after that, it still takes some time for everything to be properly installed on your computer or Garmin device. You have to wait for enough time so that the new files get installed properly on the device. If you disconnect hardware in a rush from each other, it will disturb the installation process.

And, in this way, the Perfect map update will end up being a disaster and causing ‘Can’t Unlock Maps’ Error. So, it’s better if you safely remove the device from your computer after waiting for some time with its consent. Check out how you should do this:

  • Wait for a few seconds after the completion of the map update download.
  • Click at the option ‘Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media’ given at the lower-right side of your computer screen.
  • Click the ‘show more icons’ option in case you are not able to find it.
  • Select the connected Garmin device.

After this, you should wait for your computer to confirm whether it is absolutely safe to remove the GPS device. In case the download or installation is still in process, it will show a busy message which means you have to wait.

  • Wait until it displays the message ‘It is safe to remove’.
  • After this, you can remove your device.

Garmin Maps are corrupted And Show Unlock Error

Can’t understand why the map in not being unlocked even the download and installation was done really well. It may happen, so don’t panic. Even after downloading a correct map for the GPS device using a good Internet connection, it may still show an error.

To fix the error ‘Cannot unlock maps. Garmin Maps are corrupted and cannot be used’ you should try with below steps:

  • Delete/uninstall the map update that was just installed. And download the latest update again by visiting garmin.com/express.
  • Check if the update you have downloaded is authentic.
  • Nowadays, Internet has been flooded with a lot of pirated map updates which never work on Garmin Nuvi or any other GPS devices.

Apart from this, sometimes windows may consider few of the files extensions as unsafe for your computer. So, even after complete download of the updates, it may lock the map and show an error saying ‘Garmin Maps are corrupted and cannot be used’. Follow the below steps in such scenarios:

  • For example, if windows is considering ‘.img’ files to be risky for your system disk, you can fix this problem by downloading the map update on your computer and then transferring the files manually to your GPS device.

It will resolve the ‘Can’t unlock Map’ error and allow you to install the latest map easily.

We are very sure that this troubleshooting guide is definitely going to work for you. Also, you should not hesitate to contact us in case of a doubt or query with Garmin map related issue. We would be more than happy to assist you with all your queries. Call 1-833-201-7905 and get instant help.

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