Want to Update Your Mio GPS Device? Here’s How!

In order to stay updated with the most recent data, it’s very important that you update your GPS every time an update is out. Like other GPS services, Mio uses a firmware software program to manage all the new map updates and purchases. If you have a Mio GPS, you can simply update it with the help of MioMore.

MioMore is a set of tools that allows you to manage your maps, install subscriptions, check for the offers available on Mio, manage custom POIs and download all the latest updates. Whether you’re using a Moov M-Series, Moov S-Series or the Moov PND model, you can quickly update the GPS maps with the help of MioMore. Follow this guide and update your GPS device in few simple steps.


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Steps To Update Mio GPS

  • Check if you have installed MioMore on your computer. If not, you have to install MioMore first. You can install this application by visiting the Mio’s official website and get the latest version or you can do it by inserting the CD you got with your Mio GPS into the computer and then following the given instructions.
  • After that, launch the app by clicking on the MioMore icon on your computer screen.
  • Connect the Mio GPS device to your computer using the USB cable you got with the device. Then, turn the GPS device on.
  • Click the ‘My Maps’ options in the app window and MioMore will be showing all the maps that are available for your Mio GPS device. The maps being shown in green are the ones that are already installed on the GPS device, yellow ones are ready for installation and the ones requiring activation will be displayed in red.
  • Select a red or yellow map by tapping on the icon. If you select a red map, an activation window will launch, and it will direct you to the official website of Mio where you can purchase its product key. Enter the product key into the given space and click ‘Next’ to activate the chosen map. Once activated, red maps will turn yellow in the ‘My Maps’ window.
  • Click the GPS device icon below the ‘My Maps’ window.
  • After that, click at the ‘Transfer Now’ option to transfer these map updates to the GPS device. The map will be displayed in green in the ‘My Maps’ window once the transfer process is completed.

Mio manufactures and markets great navigation devices. Also, it’s important to have the most recent map data and other available updates on your device. With the help of this guide, you can easily update your Mio GPS device.

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