Know how to update your Garmin Maps of all Types


Now, update your Garmin maps and operating systems online.

Downloading latest Garmin maps and updating the older ones is one of the best ways to ensure a smooth conduct of your GPS unit.

Free Garmin Map Updates

In case you have purchased any of the Garmin’s GPS gadgets which provide map updates for free, you need to go to the Map and Map updates page of the company. This page will allow you to download and install the Garmin Express software used to update the Garmin maps.

If you do not have installed Garmin Express on your system, then follow the guidelines mentioned at the bottom of this article in order to install it on your PC. This software works well both on MacOS and Windows as well.

Purchase street maps


If you do not have free lifetime updates for your product, then you will be required to purchase Garmin roadmaps. You can buy road map packages as SD card updates or as downloads.

You can easily filter the map downloads depending on the download type or location, once you land on the Road Maps page.

Garmin Golf Course Maps


Usually, Garmin Golf units come with free course updates for lifetime. Moreover, they include more than even 15,000 courses across the world. Earlier companies used to charge a significant yearly fee for course maps update but, Garmin pioneered this feature for free.

Just like map updates, you can easily update course maps using the Garmin Express software.

Garmin Maps for cycling


Maps for cycling consists of topo maps for training, commuting or touring and the street maps. You can buy Garmin cycling maps from different places such as Europe, New Zealand, Canada, United States, and more.

Maps for Outdoor GPS


Hand-held GPS units can be your great companions when you go hunting, fishing, hiking or any other similar outdoor recreation. The outdoor map updates of Garmin keep you updated with the most accurate and latest navigational information.

You can select the type of outdoor map which you want to download to your Garmin device. You may then choose a particular area and format before purchasing, depending on the one you get.

Marine Charts


Many seafarers or boaters rely on Garmin charts for traveling through waterways including endless oceans and small lakes. These marine charts which include Fishing Hot Spots, LakeVu, and BluChart keep you off the rocks.

In case you are not sure whether a specific marine chart is suitable for your Garmin device or not, then you can check it in the section of Compatible devices on the page. Just look for your Garmin device in that list.

Aviation and Avionics

Aviation is a different and highly regulated database offering presented by Garmin. The Fly Garmin page acts as a central source for you to stay ahead with the latest information and it keeps your data updated.

Download and Install Garmin Express

Garmin Express software is the key to update maps for different devices. Garmin Express enables you to update your maps, register your products, upload your activities to Garmin Connect and upload your golf course maps.

You just need to plug in your Garmin device to a USB port of your PC. After that download and then install the Garmin Express for Windows or Mac and launch the program. The application will find your device automatically and show that it is connected. The program will prompt you to update your maps or software or sync your data.

Garmin Express program provides an easy way to manage the latest OS on your device. You may also directly sync golf and fitness devices into Garmin Connect when you log in to that service. In case you are updating the operating system of your device, then as the process completes, Garmin Express will notify you that the update is finished. After that, you need to restart your device and activate the updated OS.

Your Garmin will show you the progress of its update process. It will also keep your personalized settings intact after any map or operating system updates.

Your myGarmin Account

Whether you are downloading paid or free maps, you will be required to register your Garmin device as well as create a Garmin account. It simply means that you will have to register a Garmin account before starting. You can easily register your device while paring your device initially with the software.

You can access the maps and updates which are available to you with the help of myGarmin login.

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