Troubleshoot Bluetooth Problems In Vivosmart HR 2

Is your Vivosmart acitivity tracker’s bluetooth is off and you cannot find a way to turn it on? Is your bluetooth option disabled?

No issues, technical experts will run you through proper steps so that you can once again make your life easier with smart notifications such as emails, calls andĀ  texts and sync it automatically with Garmin Connect.

  1. The first step is to check if your smartphone is compatible with Vivosmart.
  1. You need to update your smartphone operating system, make sure that your Garmin Connect app and Vivosmart firmware are up to date.
  1. Make sure that your phone’s bluetooth is activated by checking the smartphone’s settings.
  1. To maintain the bluetooth pairing, you should ensure that the Garmin Connect app is running too.

For Re-Pairing Vivosmart, You Need To

  1. Switch on the Garmin Connect app.
  1. Tap the Vivosmart’s face two times in order to activate the device.
  1. Press and hold the face of Vivosmart till the time the settings option appears.
  1. Keep swiping through the setting until a bluetooth symbol appears.
  1. Press the bluetooth symbol.
  1. Press the right arrow and tap on pairing option.
  1. Press OK to the right of pair mobile device.

If you are still having trouble with bluetooth pairing, then you can contact our helpline numberĀ 1-833-201-7905

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