Terms and Conditions


Here, we discuss the detailed Terms and Conditions which provide the basis of commitment to our team and our customers. We request to our customers to read these conditions very carefully to have a proper information about our process and plans. You’re welcomed to register yourself for help from our team once you are agreed with all these term and conditions.

Support Process

Our garmin-map-updates.com Customer team provide their service using two methods, via phone or using remote control session over the internet. You can take our service on your phone, what you need is to just follow the various instructions that our technical support team member gives you. Apart from this, if you permit us to use your computer and work on it, we will appoint a team member for this task to work on your computer in front of you. Moreover, we can provide you remote session control only if our customer permits us and allow us for the same.

In addition, we will responsible for the only computer which is registered with us. We are not responsible for the rest computers at your home. Moreover, our team of GPS customer service gives their best to suggest you the possible solution to fix your problem.

Limitation to Act

In any case, if our garmin-map-updates.com is taken accountable for any reason, our liability will not exceed paid on the purchase of the garmin-map-updates.com. We are not responsible for any extra charges that you may get in your card. Our team of garmin-map-updates.com can change these terms and conditions anytime. In addition, we will update every terms and condition on our website.

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