What you have to pay for Garmin and its updates?

According to the Federal Highway Administration, at present, there are 4.12 million miles of roads in the United States and there is a high possibility of changes in routes. For new Garmin purchasers, it offers free map updates, however, you would need to pay for most map updates. In addition, there is a subscription where you’ve paid for one time and would get lifetime update for free.

What is Garmin’s nuMaps Guarantee?

When you make a purchase of Garmin Automotive GPS device, you get a ‘nuMaps Guarantee’. This facility allows map updates for free for the first 90 days. This 90-days time period begins whenever the device acquires the satellite signals for the first time.

For the case, when your GPS unit gives you wrong directions or not able to find certain roads, one can download and install Garmin Express software on his computer system. With this, you can update newly released maps within the 90 days period otherwise you would have to make payment for them.

What you have to pay for Garmin and its updates

New Maps purchases

Other than nuMaps Guarantee, a user would have to pay for map updates that he wants to install on his GPS device. Moreover, one can easily install the purchased update using the Garmin Express software. With Garmin, you won’t get alerts for schedule map updates, however, Express software notifies about available updates every time along with their prices, as soon as you would connect your unit to the computer.

If you have plans to┬ákeep the GPS device for a long time, you can choose Garmin’s nuMaps Lifetime packages. With this, you get street maps as well as location information for your region. Furthermore, for each individual update, you do not have to make any payment.

However, the meaning of ‘Lifetime’ is ‘useful life’ of Garmin device. In case, you buy another device or make a new account, you cannot transfer your package. Therefore, after few years if you plan to buy a new unit, you will lose your updates. Plus, one has to make sure to update it on regular basis as when you do not update it for a long time (24 months or more), Garmin presumes that the device’s useful life is over.

Other Categories

For specific tasks like cycling and boating, you can purchase new Garmin map updates from its official website.

Some products like Garmin Approach units have Golf Course Maps with free lifetime map updates. Edge and Montana are cycling units which offers paid street maps and updates for topographical maps of different regions.

Several Garmin’s marine cartography products offer free of charge chart update after the purchasing of the unit. For instance, if you buy a preprogrammed BlueChart or a fixed-mount Chartplotter, Garmin enables you to download one update absolutely free which covers your region under its New Chart Guarantee.

With flyGarmin, Garmin’s aviation service, you can purchase updates for paid aviation database after the creation of a free account.

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