How To Sync Your Activities Automatically To Strava?

Strava is a great platform to keep a track of your physical activities. But, there are many who have previously been using other apps like Garmin connect for activity tracking and want to start using Strava but can’t do so as they are not sure if they will be able to sync their past data. If you, too, are a Garmin user and want to sync your activities like running, cycling etc. to Strava, this article is for you. There are a few tricks following which you can successfully sync your data. Keep reading to discover all the possible options.

How To Sync Your Data To Strava?

You can sync your Garmin device data to Strava by using either the Garmin connect app if you want to do it using your mobile phone or the Express program if you want to sync it using a computer. We have listed down the steps for you. Have a look:

Using The Garmin Connect App 

You can use the Garmin Connect app and sync your activities to your Strava account. To do so, follow the below steps: 

  • If the Garmin device you are using is Bluetooth-enabled, download the Garmin Connect app, create your Connect account. To link it to the Strava account,  Click Settings > Click 3rd Party Apps > Select Strava. After doing this, wait for your activities to be uploaded.
  • Once your activities get uploaded via Bluetooth to the app, they will be displayed on Strava within some time.
  • After the first upload, Your Garmin activity data for the past 90 days will also be synced to your Strava account.


Using The Garmin Express Program 

There is one more way to get your Garmin device activity data synced to your Strava account. You can use the Garmin Express program and sync your past data to Strava. Follow the given steps: 

  • To upload the activity data from your computer, you have to download and install the Express app and then add your device.
  • Now, go to the Strava website. Enter strava.com/upload/device in the address bar and search for the Garmin option. Click on that to authorize a link with your Strava account.
  • Once you successfully establish the connection, all the new activities being uploaded to Garmin Connect app will be automatically synced to your Strava account. And after your first activity data is uploaded and synced, Garmin will sync all the activity data for the past 90 days automatically to your Strava account.


What can I do in case Garmin data not being synced to my Strava account? 

  • In case, you have recently connected the Garmin account to your Strava account, you have to wait for some time until a new activity gets synced successfully to Strava. As soon as your first activity is synced, the old data for past 90 days will be uploaded. You can try to do a test activity and later delete it so that the past data starts to be synced. After your first sync, Garmin will automatically sync your past activities to your Strava account.
  • You may also experience occasional delays while syncing the activities from Garmin’s side, mostly in the peak upload periods. We suggest you to keep checking if the Sync is being done. To check, you can go to the Garmin status page and checking the ‘Strava’ status (usually 6th from the bottom). Or you can go to Strava status page and check the upload status from Garmin Connect. If you don’t want to wait, you should use the option ‘file upload’ and upload from your device directly or export the activity file from your Garmin connect app and then upload it manually. If you get an error message while uploading the file such as ‘bad time data’, your file may not be compatible with Strava.
  • You can also try refreshing the connection between Strava and Garmin Connect. You can disconnect Garmin Sync in your Strava settings and then reconnect it. Go to Settings at the website or mobile app, click at ‘disconnect’ and it’s done. To reconnect, you have to click at ‘connect’ and follow the authorization flow. Always remember that Garmin sync will not be triggered until your first new activity gets uploaded to your Garmin Connect account after both the accounts are reconnected.

How can I manually upload the activity data to Strava?

You can upload an activity data easily to your Strava account directly from a Garmin device that is hard-drive mountable. To do this, you have to browse to the folder ‘Activities’ on the connected device. After that, select the activity files that you want to upload to your Strava account. You should keep in mind that the option will not work for devices using the ANT+ agent. Apart from this, there is one more way to do so. You can export the activity files you want to upload from your Garmin Connect app. Enter strava.com/upload/select in the address bar and then click at ‘Choose file’.

How can I stop the automatic syncing of activities with Garmin Connect? 

You should disconnect Garmin by going to the Settings page at Strava. To do so, enter  strava.com/settings/profile in the address bar and make the changes. You may also need to disconnect your Strava account from your Garmin Connect account by visiting https://garmingpsmap.net/garmin-connect/.

How to sync the data from the Vivosmart and Vivofit Activity Trackers?

You should always keep in mind that the Vivosmart and Vivofit wristbands do not come with built-in GPS sensors to track location. If a heart rate monitor has been connected to the Vivofit or Vivosmart activity, it is possible to sync this data with the Garmin Connect, and if enabled, this data can also be synced to your Strava account. You should keep in mind that the activity being shown on Strava will only be the HR data, and there will not be a map or distance record.

This article makes it even easier to sync your Garmin activity data to Strava. For any further help, contact us or call @1-833-201-7905.

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