How To Eliminate The Issues Related To Garmin Connect App?

Garmin connect is a great app when it comes to health and fitness. From your heart rate to the number of steps, it keeps a record of everything that affects your health however, everything has its limitations, no matter how good it is. Similarly, you may sometimes face some issues with this app as well. Usually you say that Garmin connect is not working. Well, this statement may include so many different meanings.

For instance, if the Connect isn’t being paired with Garmin Express or tends to close suddenly at the times then, it is said to be that Garmin connect is not responding. So, how can these problems be solved. Don’t worry, we have mentioned all types of problems in this guide that you may experience using Garmin connect. We understand how irritating it is when an issue keeps interrupting the proper functioning of something.

What We Have Discussed In This Article? 

In this guide, you’ll be getting solutions to several Garmin Connect-app-not-working problems. We have covered the following things here:

  • All the possible reasons why Garmin Connect is not working
  • Scenarios and easy troubleshooting steps for the app not responding
  • Tips to avoid any Garmin Connect related issues

Common Reasons Why Garmin Connect Is Not Working

There may be so many reasons. Here we have mentioned all the possible reasons that may cause Garmin Connect not responding problem:

  • The Connect App Tends To Disconnect From Garmin Express Software

You may face a Garmin Connect not working problem if the Express software shows a connection error. It may happen when Garmin Express faces a server issue, or it is not able to find your Garmin device. Downloading And Installing A Corrupt Express App May Also Cause This Type Of Error.

  • The App Got Jammed Because Of Poor Internet 

Usually, Garmin Connect gets frozen if your internet connection is kind of unstable and seems like going away. In such scenarios, an egg-like shell can be seen revolving on your screen without any progress in steps.

  • Connect App Not Responding As The Device Port Is Loose/ Damaged 

Unfortunately, even if everything is working in a perfect way, a loose/ broken port or damaged cables may ruin the whole experience. The reason is their failure to build a connection with the Garmin Connect app.

  • Faulty Garmin Device

Well, if the Garmin device is defective or damaged, it won’t work or connect with the other software or applications such as Connect. In such cases, we recommend contacting the manufacturer and ask for a replacement or immediate repair.

  • Incorrect / Tampered Connect Settings

Some users try to customize the Garmin connect app settings without having prior knowledge about the app. As a result, the app either stops responding or creates a trouble while logging in.

  • Garmin Connect Sync Is Not Working Due To Malware In Your Computer/ Mobile

If a malicious software such as Trojan or Worms is installed on your phone or computer then, it may also be a reason that your Connect app is not syncing data.

The Easiest Solutions For Different Connect App Not working Problems 

If there are problems, there are solutions too. By now, you must have been fully aware of all the Connect app not working Scenarios. So, the next thing we are going to do is, discussing the troubleshooting ideas in case you are facing any of these Garmin Connect errors. Using this troubleshooting guide, you can easily fix all these Connect app related issues.

Scenario 1: Garmin Connect Not Showing Activity/ Training data/ Health Stats

If Garmin connect activity is not showing up, try the following steps to troubleshoot the error:

  1. Open Garmin Connect Settings> go to 3rd party apps.
  1. Now, check if the application you are using and trying to sync data from has been listed there or not.
  1. In case, you don’t see the application there, we suggest you to add it first.
  1. Also, you should keep in mind that not all the health & fitness apps available in Apple or Play store are compatible with the Garmin connect software.
  1. If you feel that the Connect was showing all the activities earlier but it stopped displaying them at once then you should first check the Internet connection.
  1. Later, you can call the GPS experts and they will guide you if you are still facing the error because of the server issue can be from their end. 

 Scenario 2: Not Able To login To Your Garmin Connect Account

Trying to login to your Connect account but repeatedly failing to do so? It is also a common problem with Garmin connect. So, what’s next?

To get out of a scenario like this, you should:

  1. Make sure that you are entering the correct spellings of your username and password. You should also remember that these credentials are case-sensitive.
  1. In case you have changed your Garmin Connect password, make sure to update the same in the system’s memory.
  1. The next thing you can do is to try to use the reset option for your Garmin Connect password and create one again for your Connect account.
  1. After resetting the password for your Connect account, if you are still being redirected on the login page, enable JavaScript and try again.

If you are good at technical stuff, try updating the JavaScript file. 

Scenario 3: In Case Your Garmin Connect App Crashes Every Time You Try To Open It

This kind of issue is mostly because of a corrupt Garmin Connect app.

In order to fix it, you should:

  1. Uninstall your Garmin connect app using your device settings.
  1. Then, go to the Play/ Apple store and try downloading the Garmin Connect App again on your device.
  1. Run a scan for the software and your device in order to be sure if there’s any malware present.
  1. After that, open the application and try to access it again.


Scenario 4: Garmin Connect Is Not Responding Post Update 

The Scenario itself makes it clear. The problem is due to the update so you either need to reinstall the update or restore the system back to the previous stage.

To resolve the issue, follow the given steps:

  1. Go to the device Settings.
  1. Scroll down and click “About info” and then reinstall the Garmin Connect update.
  1. If you are on a desktop, go to Settings.
  1. Tap on the ‘Update & Security’ option.
  1. Click on ‘Windows Update’ to check for an update, download and install or reinstall it automatically.


Don’t forget to restart the device after finishing the process.

To restore the system, you should:

  1. Click on ‘Control Panel’ > choose ‘System and Security’ > click ‘System Protection’ link given in the left panel.
  1. In the ‘System Properties’, click on ‘System Protection’ option and click at the ‘Create’ button.
  1. Specify the restore point.
  1. Click ‘Create’.
  1. You’ll be getting an alert after the system restore point gets created. 


Scenario 5: The Connect Account Isn’t Being Paired With Express software 

Follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Reboot your phone or computer. After that, try to pair them again.
  1. In case, you still face the same issue, update your Garmin Express software.
  1. Also, make sure that you’re entering the correct Garmin Connect credentials for login else, it will continue showing the error.
  1. If you face a server issue, You can refer to this link.
  1. If the problem persists, download the Express app again and then reinstall it.


Scenario 6: If The Connect App Freezes Every Time You Open It, While Rest Programs And Apps Are OK

With no more delay, let’s troubleshoot this type of Garmin Connect not responding issue right here:

  1. Reboot the mobile device in order to create some more RAM space to run the Connect App.
  2. Disable all the third-party firewall or security software installed on your device.
  3. Clear the history, cache and cookies to improve the speed of your Garmin Connect app.
  4. Run Garmin Connect in compatibility mode.
  5. Update the Connect App because an outdated version will not respond after a while.
  6. if none of the above tricks work, try to run the Connect app as Administrator.

However, in case the Garmin connect app keeps crashing again and again even after several tries, you should download the Connect app again.

Scenario 7: If The Pairing With Garmin Device Breaks While Syncing The Data

As we have mentioned earlier, a poor Internet connection may also show an error message saying, ‘Garmin Connect activities not uploading’. However, you cannot ignore the fact that damaged cables or loose port may also be a reason.

How To Resolve:

  1. Avoid using a public Wi-Fi network.
  1. When using Internet, make sure that you have got a strong Internet connection with good speed. if you want to enhance the download speed, try these:

a) Disable any third-party security app installed on the device.

b) Close the other running apps or downloads on your computer.

c) Don’t stream videos online during the process.

  1. If the Garmin Connect is still losing connection while syncing data, you should contact your Internet service provider to check with your Internet service and confirm if you are getting what is capped.
  1. Also, ask the service provider about the technique for bandwidth management as it may cause the Garmin Connect app to lose connection with the server.

In case, you feel like there is no issue with your Internet, try the following:

  1. Check the cables and ports connected to your Garmin device. In case, the ports not working, try to use the another one. In case, the cables are defective, replace them!
  1. If the Garmin Bluetooth is not able to connect with your device and being shown as waiting for a long time, you can get this issue resolved here.

 Preventive Measures To Be Taken: 

Sudden errors can ruin anyone’s mood. By taking few precautions, you can avoid any such errors in future and have an error-free Connect app experience. To do so, try these tricks:

  1. Make sure that your internet connection is stable, and its speed is good enough.
  1. Avoid abruptly closing the Garmin Connect app. Doing so may damage its software files.
  1. Do not use any other program or download something while syncing Garmin app data, else you may face Garmin Connect sync related issues.
  1. Update your Garmin device and map as well. Check out the Garmin map update here.
  1. If you are a mobile user, you should keep the Garmin Connect app always up-to-date.
  1. In case, you have a Computer and use Garmin express for syncing data, make sure to install the latest firmware.

Using this guide, you can easily get rid of all the issues that you are facing while using Garmin Connect app. Try these tricks and keep enjoying the Garmin Connect features without being troubled. If you want any further help related to the app, click here.

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