Here’s How To Recover Data From A Corrupt Garmin FIT File

You worked really hard to collect the ride data and the thought of losing it is terrifying! You don’t need to panic as you still have a chance to recover the data of a corrupt FIT file and if need right solutions just ping us 1-833-201-7905 or contact our support

Here are a few options that you can try to process a quick and easy data recovery:


This website could be the first place to try as this online tool is free. Simply upload the corrupted FIT file, wait for the recovery process to complete, and then download the recovered version.


This website is not completely free as it offers a trial version for a limited time after which you would need to purchase a license to continue using the tool.

However, there are several kinds of people who are there on the Garmin Message Forum, and if someone asks them nicely, they will process the corrupt/damaged FIT files and then repost the fixed version to the forum.

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Few other tools of interest

  • GPSBabel can easily convert the FIT files to gpx.
  • FIT SDK has a tool (FitCSVTool.jar) to convert a FIT file into CSV file, which can, therefore, be edited manually. This tool can also reconstruct the data into a FIT file again if you need to.

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