Here Is Why You Need To Download Garmin Topo Map In Your GPS

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What Does A Topo Map Consists?

Topo Map is not one of those regular maps. It is a detailed topographic chart which consists roads, trails, terrain contours. These are the right partner for your adventure and here is a list of some important elements which you can find in Topo maps:

  • Cycling And Hiking Tracks

A user can get various hiking and cycling tracks which no other map shows. You can easily import and export your maps according to your route and plan your trip accordingly.

  • Maps

You can make your own route map to follow which can be different than a Topo maps. You can also create and save different tracks and paths which can not be find in any map.

  • Way-Points

The best part about Garmin Topo map is that you can create a way-point(stopping point) while you are on your way. It is possible to create a way-point after seeing other people’s way-points so that you can stop at a safer place.

  • Expanded To Other Maps

A user can expand his maps to a wide variety such as Canada, East Canada, Chile Deluxe,  Alaska, Andes, North East US, South-Central US, West US and Mexico by purchasing the map.

  • Offline Map Availability

GPS Topo maps are available all the time, even when you do not have strong internet connection. You can easily access a map offline and save it for later use.

Download Garmin Download

Here is how you can get a Topo map for free but first you have to meet the system requirements which are as follows:

System Requirements


Operating System – OS 10.10 or latest

Screen resolution – 1440 x 900 display

Memory – 1 GB RAM

Network – High-speed Internet & USB port


Operating System – Windows 7 SP1 or latest

Screen resolution – 1024 x 768 display

Memory – 1 GB RAM

.NET framework – Version 4.5 or latest

Process To Download Garmin Topo Maps

This is a step by step guide which you can follow easily and download Garmin Topo maps:

Step 1:

In order to get Garmin Topo maps, first you have to download Garmin Express application in your desktop. Click here to download Garmin Express.

Step 2:

After downloading and installing Garmin Express, Open it.

Step 3:

Log in to Garmin account and purchase the Topo map which you want to get in your GPS device.

Step 4:

Choose your Garmin device for which you want the map.

Step 5:

Complete the buying process and click ‘Download’ option. You can download the map in a SD card or in your PC.

Update Topo Maps In Your GPS

You can easily update Topo maps in your GPS device using myGarmin Account or Garmin Express. It can be free or paid depending on your GPS device.

Update Topo Maps With myGarmin Account

  • Register your device with Garmin before updating a map. It is mandatory to register a Garmin product before you can update your maps. If you are unable to register with Garmin, click here.
  • Sing-in to your myGarmin account and go to the map update column in the updates bar.
  • Select and click on the available map updates in your account which you want to update.
  • You will receive a ‘Garmin map update completes successfully’ prompt when the map is updated in the device.

Update Topo Maps With Garmin Express

  • First you have to download Garmin Express application in your desktop to get free updates.
  • Plug-in your Garmin GPS device.
  • Run the Garmin Express application and wait till it automatically find your Garmin GPS device.
  • You will receive a list of different map update option. Just select the one you want to update.
  • The map will update in your GPS device. Just restart your device ton enjoy the latest map update.

Types Of Topo Maps

Topo maps are available for a wide region including various mountains, terrains and tracks. Here is a list of different Topo maps based on their region.

US Topo maps 24K

  • Topo US West
  • Topo US North-East Topo
  • US North-Central
  • Topo US South-East
  • Topo US South-Central
  • Topo US South-West
  • Alaska Enhanced Topo US

Garmin US Topo 100K

  • Topo US North-East
  • Topo US North-Central
  • Topo US South-Central
  • Topo US South-East
  • Topo US South-West
  • Hawaii Topo map
  • West Coast Topo map

Canada Topo Maps 24K

  • North-West Topo Canada
  • East Topo Canada
  • West Topo Canada
  • Central Topo Canada
  • Topo Mexico
  • Topo Nunavut

Garmin Canada Topo 100K

  • West Topo Canada
  • Central Topo Canada
  • Topo Mexico
  • Topo Canada East
  • Topo Nunavut
  • Topo Canada North-West

Garmin Topo Maps Issues

  • Unable To Install Topo Maps

This is the most common issue which arises all the time with regular Garmin GPS user. If you are updating Topo maps using BaseCamp, click on the ‘user data folder’ and choose ‘Install maps’ option. If you do not choose this option, you will be not be able to update your map.

  • Unable To Locate Your Maps

If you are unable to locate your Topo maps, you can take help from BaseCamp. Connect your device to your PC and copy all your data. You can access your Topo maps using BaseCamp after that.

  • Unable To Transfer Maps

You can transfer your Topo map from one device to another using BaseCamp application. Download BaseCamp and transfer you content successfully.

  • Maps Not Working

If you are unable to view a particular map disable system security software for sometime and if you are not able to view any map, see that your device is connected with internet.

It is common to face these issues when you are a heavy user. Anyhow, if these issues do not resolve or you are having difficulty with any of Garmin Topo problems, contact Garmin support.

Garmin Topo Maps FAQs

What is Topo maps?

Topo maps are the premium quality maps which comes with highest topographic detail. You can find various trails and terrain contours in a Topo map.

How do I save downloaded Topo maps on my Garmin GPS device?

Follow these steps to save the map:

  • Download MapSource.
  • Connect your GPS device with computer.
  • Start ‘MapSource’ application and select ‘Tools’.
  • Go to ‘Map’ and select ‘Transfer’.
  • Click on ‘Send To Device’ and send it to your device.

What regions I can access in Topo maps?

You can easily access any of the regions from North Central, from West to North East and deep in South including Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska region.

Can I get a Topo map update for free?

You have to pay a small amount to download and install a Topo map in your device. But you may receive free map updates for your purchased Topo maps.

How much storage Topo maps take?

You should at-least keep 1 GB of free storage while downloading Topo maps. Some maps even go as high as 4 GB. It is advisable that you keep some extra space so that you do not face any hurdle while downloading those maps.

How do I view my downloaded Topo maps?

You can view a Topo map in your GPS device with the product key if you have downloaded the Topo map directly in your device. You might have received the key after purchasing the Topo map. If you have downloaded the map in a Micro SD card, insert the card in your GPS and restart it. You can access Topo maps after restarting your GPS device.

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