The Garmin Speak Plus Device Is a Second Eye to Safer Drive

The Garmin Speak Plus device that comes with built-in Amazon Alexa is a multi-feature car camera that looks, listens and responds. It serves as a second set of eyes and offers voice command that allows you to control navigation and music by voice. This device is a great combination of navigation and camera features that make it a perfect device for a safer drive.


There are three key features that make it a wonderful device, including innovative dash cam, turn-by-turn navigation, and in-built Alexa technology. Moreover, what sets this gadget apart from other similar devices is that it has several features that you can get only after buying several different devices.

Garmin Speak Plus is a value for money device that provides automatic detection camera for incident detection system, Amazon Alexa, and GPS technology for only 230 USD. And, if you consider what you would pay for each of these functions separately, you would know how lucrative this deal is.

For example, if we consider the normal price of a camera for incident detection, then it would lie between 70 USD and 300 USD. Also, the Garmin navigation system may lie between 110 USD to 699.99¬†USD. Likewise, Amazon’s voice-controlled Echo speakers cost between 49.99 USD and 99.99 USD. If we add the total cost of the three, then you’ll find that with Garmin Speak Plus you can actually save a lot of bucks as well as space in your car by installing a single device that can offer multiple functionalities.

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