Garmin plans to launch medical wearables with the latest partnership

Actigraph Collaboration shows that the Garmin is getting serious about health

Garmin has recently announced its partnership with Actigraph, a manufacturer of medical-grade monitors. They are planning to combine the wearable know-how with the health expertise of Actigraph.

Centrepoint is a platform owned by Actigraph which transmits health data from wearable health monitors. These are serious, legitimated medical devices, so Garmin is trying to get a look into the technology of Actigraph for its own devices.

The global product lead of Garmin Health, Travis Johnson said in a summary statement that “Combining the sensor data from Garmin wearables with the data capture and analytical expertise of the Actigraph platform creates a powerful solution for many different patient monitoring applications”.

The Actigraph, in turn, will get the benefit of accessing the Garmin wearables, that means a longer battery life and better study results.

As of Garmin, it has to keep up with Fitbit and Apple, which themselves are phasing into medical grade offerings. The Fitbit promises that its wearables will be soon offering the features similar to ECG monitor brought by the Apple Watch.

Garmin holds the top position when it is about its sports watches, but it may fall behind as when these wearables transition to medical tools from the fitness trackers.

Although, this partnership is not the first step taken by Garmin towards the health tracking. Recently it has also announced the partnership with Fitabase, a health analytics company. Moreover, it teamed up with Cardiogram to utilize the heart rate technology of the company.


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