A Complete DIY Guide On Garmin Marine Device Software Update

Garmin marine devices offer various charts and maps that help in marine navigation, including BlueChart® g2 Vision® HD, U.S. LakeVü HD Ultra and BlueChart® g2 HD. Equipped with shallow-water shading, auto guidance, depth-range shading and high-resolution capacity, Garmin marine devices always provide accurate navigation in the sea.

If you have a marine GPS device and you are facing problems, there are chances that these are happening due to outdated device software and maps/charts. Here are the map/chart update guide which you can use in order to update your Garmin marine GPS device software.

What Is Marine Map/ Chart Update Program?

If you have this ‘Garmin Marine Update Program’, you can update your Garmin marine device software and map in the following three ways:

  • Update Garmin Marine Preloaded Maps – You can update your Garmin marine maps with the help of Preprogrammed SD cards. But it is only compatible with BlueChart g3 or LakeVü g3 maps.
  • New Chart Guarantee – If you have bought a chartplotter marine GPS device with a ‘New Chart Guarantee’, you are entitled to receive latest maps/charts available for your device. You can download the available maps for you as soon as an update is made for the region of your maps.
  • Cards On Discounts – Device with LakeVü g3 Ultra micro SD card, BlueChart g3 Vision and BlueChart g3 are eligible to get an update at a discounted price. You can also visit the nearest Garmin store and get an updated micro SD card.

How To Update Garmin Marine GPS Device Software?

Usually problems arise only because you are using an outdated software in your marine device. You can easily update your Garmin marine device by

  • Downloading the software
  • Buying the software

If you are looking to update your Garmin marine device for free, here is how you can do it without breaking a sweat:

Download And Update GPSMAP Series

You will get the following benefits when you download and update your Garmin GPSMAP series marine devices:

  • Supported products (GPSMAP series with 7×2/9×2/10×2/12×2/74xx/76xx/8xxx/84xx/86xx)
  • NMEA 2000 Network Updater
  • NMEA 2000 Instruments
  • Communications
  • Autopilots
  • Sonar Black Boxes
  • Radar
  • User Manual (English)

Install Software Update On GPSMAP Series

  • Go to the GPSMAP Series software download page and click on the download button in front of your supported device.
  • The download requires you to have a 32GB SD card. Also back up your data before you begin the software update process.
  • Download the file and connect your SD card to your computer.
  • Transfer the software to your SD card.
  • Turn ON your device and insert the card in your device.
  • Select the ‘Update Software’ option go through the installation process.
  • Restart your device and you can enjoy your device with latest software.

Download And Update echoMAP Series

Supported Products ( echoMAP 4x/5x/6x/7x/9x/10x/12x)

  • Go to the echoMAP Series software download page and click on the download button in front of your supported device.
  • The download requires you to have a 32GB SD card. Also back up your data before you begin the software update process.
  • Click on the ‘Download’ option and save the file in your desired folder.
  • Insert your card in the PC with a card reader and transfer the transfer file to your SD card.
  • Insert your card in the device and double-click on the software option. Just follow the installation process till it gets completed.
  • Restart your device and your marine device software will be updated.

Download And Update Meteor 3000 Device Software

Just download the software if you have any other device and follow this installation process:

  • Go to the Meteor 3000 software download page and click on the download button in front of your supported device.
  • Click on the ‘Download’ option and save the file in your desired folder.
  • Just transfer the file in your device SD card and install the latest software.

You can find GPSMAP Series, echoMAP Series and Meteor 3000 software downloads on a single page. Click here to download these updates.

How To Update Existing Charts On Garmin Marine Device?

It is crucial that you keep on updating your marine device in order to get the maximum out of it. You might have one of the nautical charts from LakeVu HD or BlueChart G2. You can easily update the chart with the help of Garmin Express and download it into your micro SD card. Here are the steps to update existing charts in your Garmin Marine GPS:

  • If you already have Garmin Express application, open it. If you do not have the application, click here to download Garmin Express.
  • Select the suitable option (Windows or Mac) for you and download it.
  • Prepare your SD card for online recognition of marine device.
  • Connect your micro SD card with your computer and wait for the automatic recognition by Garmin Express.
  • Register your Garmin device with Express and add your marine drive to your Garmin vessel.
  • As soon as you have registered with Garmin Express, you will be notified immediately when an update is available.

You can have a Chart updates in the form of ‘Update Card’ which will be sent to you or you can purchase and download it in your computer. If you want to download it, you might require a 4 GB card and a high-speed internet.

How To Prepare Micro SD Card For Direct Marine Device Registration?

Garmin Express uses the device data like serial number and model number to register a Garmin Marine device. It is a simple process which will not take more than 10 minutes of your time and it will be easy for you to receive instant update notification in future. Below are the steps to prepare your SD card:

  • Turn OFF your device and insert your card in the device and turn it back ON.
  • You will receive a prompt message, click on ‘I Agree’.
  • Now remove the card from your device and insert it in a card reader and connect the reader with your computer.
  • Go to the card drive and look out for the Garmin folder.
  • Open the Garmin folder. If you have prepared the card correctly, you can see a GarminDevice.xml file.

Garmin Marine GPS Device Issues

Below are some issues which you may face while cruising, where our tech professionals can provide immediate help:

  • Low screen resolution
  • Auto pilot program issue
  • Device not working properly after update
  • Frequent marine device lagging
  • GPS not working in shallow water
  • Some charts/maps are missing
  • Auto-routing issues
  • Marine device unable to update
  • Connection with autopilot lost
  • Incorrect routing
  • Application is not starting
  • Low voltage supply
  • No steering controller detected
  • Radar error code
  • Garmin weather radar issue
  • Issues in weather radar screen
  • Installation problems

It is possible that you may have to experience one or two of these issues at the same time. When you are out there, you want your device to work at its maximum capacity. If you think your device is somehow not working as expected or facing any of the above mentioned problems, contact Garmin support and receive immediate solution for your problems.

Garmin Map Update Issues Call 1-833-201-7905


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