Garmin Ltd. Insider Selling: Insider Sells 2,413 Shares of the company’s stock

In a transaction dated on Nov 13th, the CEO and insider of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ:GRMN), Clifton A. Pemble sold his 2,413 shares of the company’s stock. According to a document filed with Securities and Exchange Commission, which you can access through this link, the sale was concluded for a total value of $145,503.90 at an average price of $60.30.

In addition, Clifton A. Pemble also made the following trades in the recent time:

He has also sold 38,302 shares on Nov 1st, which were sold for a total value of $2,298,120.00 at an average price of $60.00.

Through mid-day trading on Monday, Garmin Ltd. traded down $0.09, reaching to $61.70. As compared to the average volume of 1,114,814 Garmin’s stock, it had a trading volume of 415,222 shares. Further, the stock has a price-to-earnings-growth ratio of 2.55, a P/E ratio of 21.45, a market cap of $12,239.18, and a beta of 0.81. The company has a 1 year high of $62.61 and a 1 year low of $47.03.

Garmin Ltd. Insider Selling Insider Sells 2,413 Shares of the company’s stock

On November 1st this year, Garmin (NASDAQ:GRMN) released reports on its quarterly earnings. The company disclosed $0.75 earnings per share for this quarter, which is higher than the agreed estimate of $0.66 by $0.09. For the quarter, the company had a revenue of $743.00 million, higher than that of $722.00 million expectations of market analysts. Garmin had a net margin of 22.65% and a return on equity of 15.23%. As compared to the reports of the same quarter for the last year, the company’s revenue increased by 2.9%.

Around the same period in the preceding year, the company earned $0.75 EPS. Market research analysts expect that Garmin Ltd. would post 2.9 earnings per share for this year. The company has been the subject of many research analysts reports. In a recent Zacks Investment research, Garmin has been rated lower from “buy” to “hold” rating and there are many research reports on Garmin.


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