Garmin Incorporates New Features like Airspace Alerting, Weather Features in Its Pilot App for iOS Devices

Garmin has announced to add some new features to its Pilot application for Apple iOS-based mobile devices. For the time of Sprint flying season, Garmin Pilot 9.3 is extended with many new weather enhancements that could help identify icing levels and storm cell movement, in addition to airspace alerting. With the latest version for iOS devices, pilots can also find improvements made to the runway extended centerlines, display traffic and more.


The following are the improvements made in the new Garmin Pilot.

View Icing with Flight Profile View

Users of Garmin Pilot can easily view the possibility of icing as well as overall icing potential, when viewing the flight profile view along with beside viewing a flight plan within the application. The Flight Profile View display many lights, and light green, red and yellow shading indicate a high probability that there may be icing at a specific altitude.

Improvements in Traffic Information

After pairing Garmin Pilot with ADS-B In receiver, pilots can use pinch-to-zoom gestures to zoom out and in the traffic page to observe traffic targets on the same. Apart from this, it also enables pilots to choose whether to show traffic information in absolute altitude (i.e., altitude relative to the ground) or relative altitude (altitude relative to own-ship), making it is easier to recognize traffic targets that may cause problems.

Airspace Alerting

With the airspace alerting in Garmin Pilot 9.3 version, pilots will be able to get notification before entering select airspace segments. Pilots have options to choose select airspace alerts from the settings page as well as select individual airspace types for which, they wish to get alerts for in-flight notifications.

SiriusXM Surface Analysis

Pilots with a GDL 51, GDL 69, or GDL 52 along with a valid SiriusXM Aviation Weather subscription can view the surface analysis layer directly on the moving map. Apart from flight plan information, pilots can also view pressure systems, fronts, isobars, fronts ridges, troughs and so forth that help pilots to easily determine if a frontal system might impact a specific flight.

Storm Cell Movement

In the new app, the radar overlay on the moving map has also been improved and now, it includes the projected path of a storm cell. This new improvement provides better prediction of storm cells and for this, an orange circle attached with a line extending from the strongest storm cells shows the possible path of that storm cell along with its location that should be in 15, 30, 45 and 60-minute intervals.

In case of any tornadic or hail condition, users would be able to view corresponding icon along with the specific storm cell line. By choosing the storm cell icon from the radial menu, users can view more information inside the storm cell, including direction, speed and more.

Additional Features:

  • Garmin has also improved the extended runway centerlines to show mile marker segments, thus, making it is easier to ascertain distance from the runway when on final approach.

  • The app has been optimized to support all-screen design of iPhone X as well as for the high resolution.

Following additions are made to the aircraft library:

The aircraft library for Garmin Pilot has been extended and included new features like aircraft performance profiles for Mooney, Cessna and Piper. The aviation business segment of Garmin is one of the top providers of solutions to aftermarket, OEM, government and military customers.

Garmin offers communication, hazard avoidance, flight control, navigation, an expansive suite of ADS-B solutions as well as many other products known for innovation, reliability, and value. Visit Garmin’s website for the complete line of aviation solutions.

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