Garmin GPS Updates

Garmin has made the procedure for Garmin GPS updates are very easy during the past years with upgraded maps update processes & access points. Nevertheless, the updating process has also become more complex, because we need to perform more activities and use more devices for Garmin map updates. Also, we have to access updates online.

Apart from this, users can also access free map updates option. Many GPS manufacturers along with Garmin has moved to free product lifetime map updates in a significant way for a range of navigation products including golf and sports GPS gadgets.

You will have to pay for any map updates besides the free map update options particularly for the international street maps excluding those that you have bought with your unit.

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Why should you update Garmin maps?

If you have a Garmin Nuvi GPS device then at some point of time you might have realized that your maps were not up to date. As we know locations may change over time which may affect your navigation. And hence in absence of accurate map data you may deviate from your original path.

Garmin maps help you find your ways accurately but with an outdated map data you cannot find your ways. Since, the future of our roads isn’t steady and hence they may change over time. As a result, you’ll need to acquire Garmin GPS software updates. Here we’ll guide you how you can get various update options. Also, you can find ways to download free Garmin GPS Updates!

How to get Garmin map updates free?

If you own Garmin GPS unit which facilitates you free map updates, then go to map updates page, from where you can download the Garmin Express. This is a map updater utility which you should install on your computer, in case you haven’t installed it on your computer system. Also, you can follow the instructions given there to install and set up the Garmin software for updating GPS maps.

Purchase Street Maps

In case you don’t have option for a free lifetime map updates then buy Garmin street map updates from here. It gives options to buy the street map as SD card updates, or as downloads. For simplicity and ease of use you opt for the SD card updates.

Update options available for Garmin Nuvi GPS units

Garmin provides different options for map updates to customers who require updated mapping or new maps. You can also get free Garmin Map updates only if you are eligible for the nuMaps Guarantee Program from the company.

 What is the Garmin nuMaps Guarantee?

You are entitled to download free Garmin map updates, once you have registered your Garmin Nuvi device under the sixty days from when your Nuvi device first started to gain the satellite signals on road. If you don’t know whether it applies to you then visit the official Garmin website to check if you can download free Garmin GPS Updates by entering the serial number of your device.

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Want to update to new maps for new places?

When you are visiting to a new place, country or region then you must ensure that you have the updated map data on your Nuvi device. So, when you are visiting new places or driving abroad then keeping your Nuvi device with new maps help you navigate accurately. You can buy cheap map updates from the official website.

How to get lifetime map updates for your Nuvi device?

Apart from various map update options Garmin also offers nuMaps Lifetime map update option. This option allows users to buy Nuvi Map Update for only once, after this you can update Nuvi GPS maps for up to times a year. This option is a best alternative when you want to ensure to have up to date map data on your Nuvi device.

If don’t find this option feasible or you want another way to get GPS map updates then another possible way to get map updates is through onetime map update offer. Onetime Garmin Map update allows you to purchase a map update for one time and for a singular refresh to all mapping data on your device.

While you download any maps or software then we will recommend you to always choose official GPS software downloads. Always buy official maps from Garmin and software from the official website.

If you have any technical glitches with your Garmin device or Garmin GPS updates want to get instant assistance regarding Garmin GPS map updates, then contact us for online support.

You can resolve all sorts of issues through our certified technicians, just call them anytime via the customer service phone number 1-833-201-7905.

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