Short Tips: How To Resolve Your Garmin Golf GPS Issues?

If you love golf and play the game often, Garmin can be your constant companion. Not only can you find golf course routes with Garmin Golf Course maps, but also you can save desired routes for later use. The products come with a tagline of ‘Beat Your Best’ and tend to improve your game with various game supports. With the help of these device, you can easily track your path to the nearest golf course from 41000 golf courses worldwide. click here to find your nearest golf course.

With a Garmin Golf watch on your wrist, you can avail the following benefits:

  • Auto-shot game tracking – Connect your device with Garmin Connect and measure each and every shot you made during the session. Compare it with your previous games and check improvement.
  • PlaysLike distance – Easily calculate the shot distance (uphill or downhill) and know the accurate ball placement for each shot. Know in advance what type of shot you have to make hole the ball.
  • Color course mapping – View more than 40,000 golf courses in full colors including traps, pin positioning, doglegs, green shapes and water hazards from anywhere.
  • QUICKFIT™ bands – Switch your bands from leather to silicon whenever you want. Change your bands according to your style and workouts. You can change these bands yourself and that too without any tool.
  • Smart notifications – Receive smart notification wherever you are. You can receive your important emails, alerts and texts right in your Golf device.

If you want to enjoy your Garmin Approach S20, Approach S40, Approach S60 to its maximum capacity, you can enjoy some more features with Garmin Golf app. Click here to download it.

How To Update Garmin Approach Golf Device Software?

It is common knowledge that if you do not update technology, it will become obsolete in sometime. Garmin Golf devices also follows the same path. If you do not update  Garmin Golf Device Software on time, your device will start giving you trouble. So, follow these steps to update your Garmin Golf device:

Step 1

Connect your Golf device to your computer using a USB cable. Make sure you have connected the device properly or else it will show as an error in Garmin Express.

Step 2

Launch Garmin Express. If you do not have Garmin Express, click here to download it. Garmin Express is the platform by Garmin where you can get numerous and instant software updates for your device.

Step 3

After downloading the software, install it and add and register your Garmin golf device with Garmin Express. You can not update your device without registering with Garmin Express so follow the instructions clearly. If you want, you can set a nickname for your device.

Step 4

After registering, Garmin Express will provide all the available software updates for your device. Just select the update which you want to install in your device and download it.

Step 5

The downloading process may take some time depending on the file size. After the download finishes, restart your device and enjoy the latest update of your Garmin golf device.

How To Download Golf Course In Garmin Approach Golf Device?

Downloading a golf course in your Garmin Approach golf device is very easy. If you want to download a golf course, first you have to install Garmin Connect in your smartphone. Here are the steps which you have to take in order to download a golf course in your Garmin golf device:

  • Download and install Garmin Connect.
  • Launch the program and register your device in it.
  • Browse for the golf course you want to download and download it.
  • After downloading, you can access the golf course in your Garmin golf device.

How To Delete Golf Course In Garmin Approach Golf Device?

You can delete a golf course from your device within a minute. Here is what you have to do:

For Apple users – Just go to the course you want to delete and swipe left and select ‘Delete’.

For Android users – Long press on the course you want to delete and select ‘Remove’.

How To Factory Reset A Garmin Golf Device?

Regular use and constant wear and tear of the device may result in technical issues, which may interrupt the device’s functionality. Some of the issues can easily be resolved by factory reset which you can do it on your own if you know the right procedure. Here is what you can do to factory reset your Garmin Approach golf device:

  • Turn OFF your device
  • Long press the ‘Score’ button
  • Long press the main power button
  • A message asking to clear data will pop up. Select yes.
  • Restart the device. Your device will be successfully set to its factory settings.

Garmin Approach Golf Device Issues

Here is the list of problems which a user may face related with Garmin Approach devices:

  • Unresponsive screen
  • Device frozen
  • Auto-shot issues
  • Unable to update golf courses
  • Not receiving satellite signals
  • Device error
  • Battery issue
  • Inaccurate temperature reading

Garmin Golf App Issues

Here is the list of problems which a user may face related with Garmin App:

  • Unable to create a tournament
  • App not recognizing your device
  • Garmin golf app won’t sync
  • Unable to load and start
  • App doesn’t work with approach S20
  • Not able to sync your scorecard
  • Not connecting to iPhone

If you are a Garmin user you might know that it is quite common to face these issues, and Garmin support provide exceptional customer service. You can call on 1-833-201-7905 and talk to a tech expert or you can visit the Garmin support page.

Garmin Map Update Issues Call 1-833-201-7905


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