Garmin Edge: Know How To Resolve Common Issues On Your Own

Garmin cycle devices, primarily Edge series is an essential friend of every cyclist. You can be a immature cyclist or a pro racer or even a normal person who love to cycle, Garmin cycling device can save you from a lot of trouble. Due to their all round capabilities, Garmin cycling watches are also known as Bike computer.

These watches are proved to be effective in two ways. One is to provide accurate navigation and other is to act as a partner during training. If yo have a Garmin cycling device and it is giving you trouble, there are high chances that its software is outdated. You can update the device software on your Garmin bike device or troubleshoot the issue.

How To Update A Garmin Edge Device?

Garmin bike computer devices can only be updated using a Garmin Express. Here is how you can update your device’s software:

  • Download Garmin Express in your computer and install it.
  • Connect your device to computer using a USB data cable.
  • Launch Garmin Express and register your Bike device with the software.
  • After registering, you can easily access your device data on Garmin Express. If there is update available for your device, select it.
  • Just follow the on-screen instructions to complete the software update process.

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How To Optimize The Map View On Garmin Edge?

The best part about Garmin Edge bike computers is that you can change the map view setting as per your desire. Go to Settings and select your profile. Open the Map option from the Navigation. With the help of these points you can change the map setting as per your preference:

Map Detail – Change the detail level of your map. Set it on lower detail or higher details, whichever map detail suits you.

Screen Orientation – Change the map orientation view as per your comfort ability. Select the orientation which you can easily read even during low lights.

Zoom level – Preset a zoom level which you want for your map and as soon as you use the map, it will be proportioned on your optimum zoom level.

Use Advanced Map Information – If you have loaded a local map, you can take help of advanced map information and enjoy the highest level of map viewing.

Guide Text – If you have a rout-able map, you can easily track your path with turn by turn navigation information. These guide texts can inform you in advance of a right or left turn.

Garmin Edge Troubleshoot Guide

How To Troubleshoot Garmin Edge 520?

Download the latest software for Garmin Edge 520 here.

Key Features Of Garmin Edge 520

  • Get in-ride challenges with Strava live
  • Track your Functional Threshold Power and other cycling dynamics
  • Easily pair with ANT+ devices
  • Get cycle specific VO2 max results
  • Smart notification directly on your screen

Common Issues

  • Elevation issue
  • Stuck on startup screen
  • Edge 520 won’t turn off
  • Wont boot
  • Unable to create a course
  • Edge 520 not turning on
  • Unable to update to latest software
  • Battery issue
  • Not getting satellite signals after latest update


  • Extend your battery life by lowering the brightness and turning on the Auto sleep feature.
  • Do not use your device on continuous low battery.
  • Soft reset it from time to time.
  • Buy regular updates to keep its software up to date.
  • Do not left it ON while not in use.

How To Troubleshoot Garmin Edge 820?

Download the latest software for Garmin Edge 820 here.

Key Features Of Garmin Edge 820

  • GroupTrack access
  • Lightweight and compact device
  • Inbuilt incident detection
  • Advanced performance monitoring
  • Cycle specific navigation


  • Data field issue
  • Lights not activating
  • Device freezing
  • Device not charging
  • Unable to reset
  • Bluetooth connectivity issue
  • Low Battery life
  • Not able to set your preferred language as default language
  • Unable to connect to a network manually
  • Unresponsive touchscreen
  • Automotive routing problem


  • Press the ‘Power’ button for 10 seconds and reset the device
  • To optimize the battery, turn on the ‘Battery Save Mode’
  • Turn ON the option of Auto-Sleep
  • Sync your device with Garmin connect to improve satellite signals

How To Troubleshoot Garmin Edge 130?

Download the latest software for Garmin Edge 130 here.

Key Features Of Garmin Edge 130

  • Varia compatible device
  • Simplified and rugged body
  • Allows turn prompts navigation
  • download courses from Garmin Connect
  • Excellent battery life


  • Unable to charge while riding
  • Won’t turn on
  • Auto Power down
  • Map zoom not working
  • Battery issues
  • Bluetooth connectivity issue


  • Try Soft reset for your device by pressing the power button for 10 seconds.
  • Update the latest software on your device to remove small bugs.
  • Always use your device at a optimal level of charging with normal brightness. High level of brightness may drain the battery quickly.
  • Never put it in a sleeping condition for a longer duration. If you do not use your device for several months, it is quite possible that it will create big trouble while turning ON.

How To Troubleshoot Garmin Edge 1030?

Download the latest software for Garmin Edge 1030 here.

Key Features Of  Garmin Edge 1030

  • Big screen size with comprehensive navigation
  • Pre-loaded Cycle Maps
  • Find your best paths with Trendline support
  • Comes with Garmin Charge power kit


  • Miscellaneous bugs
  • Unable to load input
  • Unable to send GroupTrack messages
  • Getting crashed during FTP test
  • Bluetooth connection problem
  • Routing problem with maps
  • Firmware issue
  • Not connecting with phone
  • Unable to sync with Garmin Connect


  • If the device is not responding, press the Power button for 10 seconds for a soft reset. If the problems still persists, try the hard reset. Go to ‘System’ and click on ‘Device Reset’. Select the option of ‘Clear Data And Setting.
  • Connect your device with Garmin Connect and download the satellite data of several days. It will help you easily locating the satellite data.
  • You can update the device software also by connecting with Garmin Connect and Garmin Express.

How To Troubleshoot Garmin Edge 20/25?

Download the latest software for Garmin Edge 20 here.

Key Features Of  Garmin Edge 20

  • Compact design
  • Easily plan your next ride and download the route
  • Water resistant
  • Sync your data with Garmin Connect


  • Unable to pair with a smartphone
  • Bluetooth connectivity issue
  • Unable to get signals
  • Sensors not working
  • Unable to sync with other devices
  • Device down
  • GPS not working properly


  • Try the master reset for your Garmin Edge 20/25 issues.
  • Delete the older data to make your device work smoothly.
  • Do not let it stay in direct sunlight for a longer duration as it will show temperature as 2-3 degrees more.
  • Always put it on Battery Saving Mode.

Some Common Garmin Edge Issues

  • Device freezing
  • Crashing
  • Won’t turn ON and sync
  • Touchscreen not responding
  • Navigation problem
  • Unable to pair with a smartphone
  • Problem in segmenting
  • iPhone Bluetooth issue
  • Garmin server down
  • Heart rate reader issue

These troubleshoot methods are helpful in resolving some common issues which create a big nuisance. However, if you are still facing some of these issues or some other problems, you can always contact support and get best and instant customer support.

Garmin Map Update Issues Call 1-833-201-7905


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