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What is Garmin aviation?

Garmin is a well known brand in the aviation industry which makes several GPS product for a large number of consumer group. The company produces GPS equipment for Business Aviation, General Aviation, Government & Defense and Helicopters. The devices ranged from penal instruments to wearable Aviation GPS devices.

Garmin Aviation Devices

These are some of the featured Garmin Aviation devices:

  • GPS 175
  • GNX 375
  • G1000H
  • G1000 NXi
  • G1000H NXi
  • G3X Touch
  • G600 TXI
  • Experimental Avionics
  • GTN 750
  • G1000
  • G2000
  • G3X/G300
  • G3000
  • G500/G500H/G600

How To Update Garmin Aviation Database And Maps?

If you want to update your database and maps, you may need these items:

  • Aircraft registration number
  • Aircraft name
  • Aircraft model or series number
  • Serial number
  • Model year

Follow these steps to download Garmin Aviation Database And Maps

  • Go to the Garmin Aviation page and sign-in in your flyGarmin account. If you do not have a fly Garmin account, click here for sign up.
  • After log-in, go to the top-right corner and click on ‘Start here’.
  • Select your Garmin aviation equipment from the list.
  • Select the ‘Add Device And Aircraft’ option and add your device.
  • Enter your aviation device’s serial number. You will get a list of compatible database updates.
  • Buy the database you want to update on your device and install it.

How To Update Garmin Aviation Portable Device Using WebUpdater?

  • Download WebUpdater in your computer and install it.
  • Launch the program after installation.
  • Connect your device with the computer using a USB data cable.
  • Register your device and go to the Menu option.
  • You will find a software update (if available).
  • Select the update and install it into your device card.

Always keep in mind that WebUpdater only provide Device updates and not map updates.

What Is OnePak And PilotPak?

Garmin offers OnePak database bundles to provide a wide range of services which a user can buy. A user can enjoy features like free database update for a period of one year.  It is applicable on parts of Garmin avionics and a single portable in one aircraft. These aircraft can be G5000, G3000, G2000, G1000, G1000 NXi and G1000H. You can add more flexibility in your purchase options and simplify your database management with its annual subscription. It is a cost effective method which you can use if you want to save big on your expenditure. Want to learn more? Click here.

PilotPak is a broader version of OnePak. You can save big money with PilotPak if you have more than one avionics. These service packages can be used with G1000, G2000, G1000H, G1000 NXi, G950 and G900X. The pilotPak packages are: Standard, Lite, Garmin FliteCharts, Jeppesen JeppView. The best part about this package is that you can download it from flyGarmin. But if you want to add  Jeppesen JeppView in your package, you can only bought and download it from Jeppesen’s website.  Click here.

Common Garmin Aviation GPS Issues

These are some of the common issues which a user may face while using the Garmin aviation GPS devices:

  • Computer does not recognize SD card
  • Unable to update databases
  • Getting ‘AVIATIONDATABASE.CPP’ error
  • Getting ‘Battery Missing’ error
  • Getting Connext error codes
  • Aviation radar not working
  • Does not find airport
  • Unable to sign in into flyGarmin account
  • GPS losing satellite signal during flight
  • Getting ‘USB on wrong port’ error
  • Device not receiving XM signal

If you are facing one of these problems, you can take help from support.

Garmin Aviation FAQs

Can we get a backup battery with G3X or G3X Touch?

Usually, Garmin does not provide any additional battery with the original one. You have got two power inputs in your box ‘Aircraft Power 1’ and ‘Aircraft Power 2’. If you are need of extra battery, you can use the ‘Aircraft Power 2’ input as an additional power source in case of emergency.

How to find the Unit ID on my aviation device?

Unit IDs are engraved on all the aviation devices and are necessary to provide during the product registration. You can find the Unit ID on on the top of the screen if you have a panel mount device and on the bottom side if you have a portable device.

How to return a product for repair after the warranty period?

First of all you have to check the repair rate of your device. Click here to check it. If the issue is repairable, get a Return Material Authorization number and make the payment for the service. You will get the nearest service center with your RMA number.

Is there any difference between European 496 and Americas 496?

The European units have (visual reporting points) VRP and on the other hand, American units have AOPA airport directory.

I am unable to find my airport?

If you are a helicopter pilot and unable to find your airport, you have to include your helicopter in the NRST function. To do that, go to the Menu option in your device and select ‘Airport Criteria’. Tick on the helicopter option and enter OK.

Is it necessary to have a flyGarmin account to download databases?

Yes, without log in into your flyGarmin account, you can not buy or download database for your device.

Garmin Map Update Issues Call 1-833-201-7905


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