Follow This Guide To Fix The Garmin Connect Bluetooth Error!

Garmin Connect is a great app using which you can track your activities and make the desired changes in order to get effective results out of your fitness routine. But, sometimes, you may face issues while connecting the app to your Garmin device. In this article we have covered the most common Bluetooth issues that users face with Garmin Connect. All the issues mentioned are followed by their solutions in simple steps. Follow this guide and get rid of any such issues easily.

Scenario 1: Garmin Device Gets Paired but Not Connecting to Garmin Connect 

In such a scenario, when you pair Garmin nuvi device, it seems to get paired with the connect app, but it cannot sync data between the two. This problem is much similar to another such Bluetooth issue related to Garmin connect, that is ‘Garmin connect sync failed’ issue. Once the connection will get established and your device will be prepared to sync data, your device status will be shown as:

  • A green dot will be shown in the status ring.
  • You will see the sync arrows spinning constantly while the sync is going on.
  • The status ring will then show the white progress line.

And, the best part is, with the help of few easy measures and initial diagnosis, you will be able to fix this issue. If you want to know the detailed procedure, keep reading. 

Steps To Fix The ‘Garmin Connect Sync Failed’ Error 

There are a few factors that may result in an error saying ‘unable to pair your Garmin device’ with the connect app. So, before you start with the troubleshooting, you have to make sure that the given criteria are met. Read carefully to know what these criteria are:

  • Your Garmin device must be placed/located within the Bluetooth range of the Smartphone.
  • The Bluetooth must have been turned on in the settings (on both the Garmin nuvi Device as well as the Smartphone)

Now let’s see what you can try in order to fix the ‘Garmin connect app sync’ errors:

  • First turn off the Bluetooth and then turn it back on by going to settings in your Smartphone.
  • Close the Connect app and then re-launch it after waiting a few seconds as it may help resolve the issue. 

Note: Whenever an application on your phone is closed, it may still run in the background. So, it is very important to make sure to go to the recent apps page on your phone and close it from there. 

  • Restart the Smartphone.
  • Restart the Garmin device.
  • After that, remove the Garmin device you previously added from the connect app and then add it again from scratch.

Setting both the Garmin device and your phone from scratch and then connecting them together again should most probably remove all the obstacles that were not allowing your Garmin device to connect with the Garmin Connect app.

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If you think there is some fault in your Nuvi device, you should update your Garmin Nuvi.

 Scenario 2: Showing ‘Pairing Failed’ When setting Up Your Garmin Device With The Connect App 

This is another scenario that you may confront while setting up your Garmin device with the Connect app. An error message saying ‘Pairing Failed’ will be displayed on your screen. If such an issue occurs, you can try the following things:

Check If You Entered The Correct Code

Before you try to troubleshoot this error, you need to check if you have entered the correct code while pairing the device. Not entering the correct code or entering the wrong code may cause a ‘Pairing Failed’ error.

Note: When you try to connect your Garmin device to the Smartphone, your phone will ask you to confirm a 6-digit code in order to complete the pairing process.

Now let’s know about all the possible ways to troubleshoot the ‘pairing failed/unable to pair your Garmin device’ issue. Try the following tricks one by one.

Trick 1: Click The ‘Retry’ Button

Click ‘Retry’ to let the Garmin device try again to connect with the Smartphone. Click this option for at least 2-3 times as giving repeated tries sometimes resolves the issue itself.

Trick 2: Soft Reset Your Garmin Device

  • Reboot your device by pressing the power button for a sufficient amount of time unless it gets rebooted.
  • After doing this, try to pair your Garmin device again with the Smartphone.
  • Most probably, a restart will allow the device to connect to your Smartphone. 

Trick 3: Restart The Smartphone Once

  • Power off the Smartphone.
  • Once you turn off the phone, press and hold
  1. a) Power button + Volume Up (or)
  2. b) Home button + Power button + Volume Up (or)
  3. c) Power button + Volume Down (or)
  4. d) Volume Up + Power button + Volume Down
  • You should try all of the above steps one after one until the reboot menu appears.
  • Once you get the reboot menu, you should hold the power button for a while to get to the Recovery menu.
  • After that, click at ‘factory reset/wipe data’ option by pressing the Power button and the Volume Down to confirm the operation.
  • Then, power it on again.
  • After that, try to pair your phone to the Garmin device again.

Facing ‘Pairing Failed’ error is mainly because of hardware compatibility and mostly rebooting any one or both the devices will easily resolve the issue.

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Scenario 3: The Garmin Connect App Not Able To Find The Garmin Device While Pairing

If you face an error ‘Garmin connect manual sync problem’ when you try to add the Garmin device to your Garmin Connect app and it gets failed. This type of problem can arise in case the Garmin connect app is not able to scan or find your device. In this scenario, you can try the following troubleshooting ideas to fix this issue: 

Trick 1: Activate Pairing Mode On Your Garmin Device

  • First of all, you need to check if you have activated the pairing mode on the Garmin device or not.
  • The Bluetooth beacon signal is triggered when you enable the pairing mode on your Garmin device.
  • In case you have not enabled it yet, go to the device settings and turn the Bluetooth on.

Trick 2: Check The Bluetooth Settings On Your Smartphone

  • First, turn the Bluetooth off and then turn it on back on your Smartphone (If you have already enabled the Bluetooth on your Smartphone).
  • Else you should turn on the Bluetooth.

Trick 3: Reboot Your Garmin Device

  • If turning the Bluetooth on and off by going to settings on your Garmin device is not working for you, don’t worry.
  • Just reboot your Garmin device by turning it off and on for once.
  • After that, activate the Bluetooth on your device.
  • Then, let the Smartphone search for the device.

These easy tricks will definitely help you resolve the Bluetooth-related problems with the Connect app. 

And, The Data That Is Saved While You Get The Sync Error, What About That? 

Well, you don’t need to worry about that. All the Garmin data gets saved on the cloud. And you will be able to access all this data at the time you sync with connect app after troubleshooting the Garmin connect errors. However, if you use the Garmin Express program, you can easily download all the data from the Garmin Express account.

Learn the procedure for downloading and installing the Garmin Express program.

Some other Garmin Connect sync issues are:

  • Garmin connect Bluetooth related issues
  • Connect app update
  • Garmin connect sync got failed
  • GPS is not connecting to your iPhone
  • Garmin connect app manual sync problem
  • Pairing failed/ not able to pair a Garmin nuvi device
  • Issues with the Connect mobile app

All the above-mentioned issues are different type of errors that users usually face with Garmin Connect. If you are facing any of these, follow this guide or contact our Experts for further assistance. You can also call 1-833-201-7905 and get instant help.

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