Fix All The Garmin Map Update Issues With This Easy Guide!

Garmin offers amazing navigation features. In order to get the most recent and accurate data, you need to keep your device up-to-date. There may be times when you are trying to download the Garmin map update but not able to do so. Don’t worry, this guide will help you fix any such issue. Read till the end to know about all the troubleshooting methods.

The Most Common Issues With Garmin Map Update

Can’t Download The Update On The Device Itself:  One of the reasons why the map update is not downloading on your Garmin device may be, that it is working in incompatible mode. Changing the Garmin device mode to mass storage mode from MTP may fix the issue.

Showing Error While Downloading The Map Update On Mac: If you are facing such an error, you can try updating the maps on windows and confirm the error-source or disable the security programs such as firewall, any installed anti-virus software or windows defender. We will discuss all this in detail with steps to be followed. Keep reading.

Map Update Not Downloading On Windows: You face this error most probably after upgrading Windows firmware. The reason is, sometimes, updating windows firmware may alter certain Garmin Express software files. We have discussed this one in detail. All you have to do is to read till the end.

Map Update Not Being Shown On Your Device: There may be times when you are not able to see any map update on updater. It may be because either the maps would have been automatically updated on the device or the updater firmware hasn’t been upgraded. Check out the below Guide to fix it!

How To Resolve The Above-Mentioned Issues?

Facing any of the above mentioned problems while updating maps on your Garmin device? Don’t worry. Here, we have mentioned stepwise solutions for all these situations. Follow this guide and get your problems resolved.

Situation 1: Can’t Download The Update On The Device Itself

If you can’t download a software or map update on your device, fix the error by following the given steps:

  • Start with disconnecting the Garmin device.
  • After this, restart your device and change the mode to mass storage mode from MTP.

Note: This is a must-do thing if using Windows 10 OS as Windows 10 is not compatible with MTP mode.

  • The next thing is opening the volume screen on the GPS device. Once it opens, press and hold at the upper right side of screen with your finger for about 10 seconds.
  • The developer screen will appear and you have to tap on MTP settings.
  • There will be three options that are ‘Mass Storage Single Session’, ‘MTP Auto Detect’, and ‘Mass Storage’.
  • Click ‘Mass Storage’ and then ‘Save’ button.

And finally, try to download the Garmin map update on your device itself.

Things To Keep In Mind For A Smooth Map Update Download:

  • While downloading the map update, don’t access your device.
  • Second thing is to not unplug the Garmin device from your laptop or computer unless the update is downloaded.
  • And lastly, ensure a consistent Internet connection with high-speed, if you’re still having issues while downloading the map update.

For further help, you can call 1-833-201-7905 and get instant resolution from our Garmin experts.

Situation 2: Showing Error While Downloading The Map Update On Mac

If you are using Mac and get an error message saying ‘Garmin map update won’t download’, it may be because of any of the following reasons:

  • An old, outdated Mac OS
  • Network or Internet Issue
  • Corrupt Garmin Express software
  • Insufficient storage at your Garmin device, Micro SD card or CD 

Steps To Resolve: 

  • Install or update your Mac OS to the version X 10.11 or greater. If you are already using the latest Mac OS version, scan the Express software.
  • After scanning, if the Garmin Express software suspects any malware, you should remove it from your system and download the Express program again from some reliable source and install it.
  • You may also try the ‘Repair’ option given in Control Panel. However, we highly recommend the reinstallation of Garmin Express program.
  • After that, check if there is sufficient space in the selected download source. If there is less space available than that of the file size, try changing the download source or you can delete the unnecessary files and create more space.

However, if the downloading problem is because of the network issue, you can fix it by following these steps:

  • Restart the router as it might be overloaded and try to download the map update or you can try downloading it after a while (in case the server is down at the moment).
  • The next thing you can do is to reset the router and restore the factory settings. To do this, press reset button given on router’s side or back.

Note: Once you reset your router, login and setup the network again.

  • While setting up the router, make sure that the networks are assigned with different SSID names. Two other things that you should change are DOS protection and security options.
  • In case the error persists, you should troubleshoot the network and check if you’re using a stable Internet connection or not!
  • Apart from this, you should keep the device close to your router as in some cases, distance causes poor Internet connection.
  • If the downloading of map update again fails, go to the section ‘Downloads’ on your computer, search for the partial downloaded map update file and delete it.

Note: It is important to do as a partially downloaded file might also be a reason for the clean map update not being downloaded. 

At last, in case you are still facing error while downloading Garmin map update, contact the GPS Experts and let them help you with the issue.

Situation 3: Map Update Not Downloading On Windows 10/8/7

You should follow the below steps if you are not able to download the map updates on windows.

Steps To Follow:

  • Make sure that you haven’t upgraded the windows recently.
  • In case you did, uninstall the Garmin Express program by going to ‘Control Panel’ > ‘Programs’ > ‘Uninstall Program link’.
  • Select Garmin Express app from the list and then click at the ‘Uninstall’ button.
  • After Garmin express is uninstalled, scan the express installer file. If the scan finds the file suspicious, you should download Garmin Express from a trusted source and install it on your computer.

Note: This action is needed as sometimes, when you upgrading the windows, it alters the previously installed Express program files.

  • Secondly, if you cannot download the map update even after waiting for hours, disable all the firewall and security programs temporarily.

Note: Doing this will reduce the time taken to finish the Garmin map update download.

  • After that, if you still see an error saying ‘Garmin Express map update download fails’, restart your computer to install any automatic software update available for Garmin Express.
  • If the error persists even after updating the Express firmware successfully, restart your PC and press F8 at an interval of one second.
  • After showing the hardware information and finishing memory test, the screen will display ‘Advanced Boot Options.’
  • Using arrow keys, go to ‘Safe Mode’ > ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ > press ‘Enter’.
  • It will start the PC in safe mode with networking. After this, you can download the map update successfully using the Express program.
  • Apart from this, in case you are not able to download the map update on a Micro SD card, make sure there is sufficient space or create sufficient space in the Micro SD card.

In case, you still cannot download map update, speak with Garmin Support team @1-833-201-7905.

Situation 4: Map Update Not Being Shown On Your Device

This is the worst scenario, if a Garmin map update has been declared for the device but you are not able to see any updates, you should first check the Garmin express program.

Note: In case you’re using an outdated Garmin updater, the program will not function properly.

  • Next, update it if an update is available.
  • In case, the download keeps failing, run a scan on the device.

With the help of this guide, you can easily download Garmin map update. In case you need any further help, please feel free to reach our Garmin customer care team @1-833-201-7905.

Garmin Map Update Issues Call 1-833-201-7905


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