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In normal circumstances, your Garmin GPS device loses signals when your GPS device wont work properly. It may create a big trouble for you if you are out in an unknown place. Even though satellite signal is the first thing you need, it sometimes get quite some time to achieve full signal strength, specially when you are at some no coverage area.

If you are looking to resolve your Garmin signal lost issue, you have to understand why it happens and how can you avoid this to happen. In this Garmin lost signal troubleshoot guide, we will tell you all things related to Garmin satellite signal. Following this guide, you can easily resolve issues such as:

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Why Does My Garmin Keep Losing Satellite Signals

If you want to resolve your Garmin satellite signal issue, you have to start from the beginning. First you have to understand why does Garmin keep losing satellite. It may happen due to the following reasons:

  • Damaged device
  • Harsh weather
  • No available map
  • Low battery
  • Antenna problem
  • Using older software
  • Device settings
  • No coverage area

The Ultimate Garmin Satellite Troubleshoot Guide

Here are some troubleshooting methods which you can apply in case you lost satellite signals in your Garmin GPS device.

Troubleshooting Satellite Signals Issue With Device Reset

Soft Reset:

  • Press the reset button on your device. You can find it behind your device or under it. In Garmin Nuvi 300 series, the reset button is located below the antenna.
  • Press the reset button for 10 seconds before releasing it.
  • Press the power key for 30 seconds until your device turns ON.
  • Your soft reset will be completed as soon as your device starts.

Hard Reset:

  • Turn OFF your GPS device.
  • Turn ON your device while pressing the upper-right corner of your GPS device.
  • A pop up message with ‘Clear User Date’ will come on the display. Select YES option and your device will be reset to its factory (default) setting.
  • Within a minute of this process, your GPS will start as a brand new device.

Keep in mind that doing a hard reset will delete all your personal information you have stored in your device. But it will not delete any downloaded data or any map updates.

Troubleshooting Automotive Device Unable To Acquire Signal Issue

Here is a troubleshoot guide which you can follow if your Automotive GPS device is not getting satellite signals:

  • Make sure that the device is located on the windshield or the dash board so that it can access signals easily.
  • If your device is acquiring signals for the first time, it may take longer than usual.
  • If your device is surrounded by something solid, it will not acquire signals easily.
  • Your device may take longer than usual time of you have traveled more than 500 miles without starting your device.
  • Try to avoid using it while on charging.
  • It has been seen that the protective coating on your vehicle may create interference in acquiring signals. You can check it by using your device inside and outside of the vehicle.

Troubleshooting Garmin Satellite Issue With Garmin Express

If you have registered your device with Garmin Express, you can easily resolve your Garmin satellite issues by updating the Garmin Express application. Here is what you have to do in order to update Garmin Express:

  • Make sure you have Garmin Express software installed in your system. If not, simply install it from Garmin’s website.
  • After downloading the file, double click on the file and launch the installation wizard. Follow the prompts to install Garmin Express.
  • After installation run the software and follow the basic instructions. Register your device on Garmin Express by connecting your device with the computer via USB data cable.
  • Take help from Add a Device option and register your device with Garmin.
  • If there is an GPS map update available, download and install it in your device.
  • Remove your device from the computer and turn it OFF.
  • Turn it ON after 30 seconds and check if the issue is gone or not.

Troubleshooting A Garmin Device Which Wont Turn ON After Signal Loss

There are various instances when a device slowly lost signal connectivity and then starts giving trouble in starting itself. If you are also facing such problem, here is what you can do:

  • Make sure that you device is not physically damaged.
  • Check if the memory card you are using is not corrupt or is damaged by any malware.
  • Check if the battery of your Garmin device is charged or not. If not, charge it for some time before using it. Also check if the battery is set accurately in your Garmin GPS device.
  • Make sure that the USB driver of your new Garmin device is not corrupt. It is seen in Garmin Nuvi devices. If you have a Garmin Nuvi 30 or 40, you can update the Garmin Nuvi software using Garmin Express.
  • Launch Garmin Express application if you have it installed in your system. If not, simply download the app from Garmin website and install it. Register your Garmin Nuvi device and find available software updates.
  • Make sure that .NET framework is up to date in your Garmin GPS device.
  • Check if you have got the right type of map in your Garmin device.
  • If you have tried to update the device software or any maps on your device, make sure they are updated and installed properly. Do not use your device during the software update and installation process.

Troubleshooting Garmin GPS Signal Issue

Device taking unusual time in acquiring signal? It may happen due to disturbance in signal connectivity feature. Follow these steps to resolve such issue:

  • You should keep in mind that most of the Garmin GPS device took almost 2 to 4 minutes to establish a stable satellite connection when you start your device after some hours.
  • Do not change positions before your satellite signals are locked in the Garmin device. Moving quickly may increase the time duration your device take for securing a connection.
  • Your device may take quite some time if you have updated the Garmin map or software recently.
  • Make sure you are not in a no-coverage area.
  • Check the weather if you are not able to get signals. If it is cloudy of foggy, it may create disturbance in the signals.
  • Always use your device after restarting it if you have updated or downloaded anything new.

Troubleshooting Garmin Device Not Getting Signal After Software Update

If your Garmin GPS device is not getting satellite signals after recent device software update, you can try the following troubleshooting guide:

  • Make sure the antenna is secure properly in your Garmin GPS device. It has been seen that a loose antenna may create hindrance in getting GPS signal
  • It is highly advisable that you keep your battery level to a decent level before your start the software update as it software update may take quite some time and if your device is not charged, it may shut down between the download process and it may corrupt some internal files or even the micro SD card.
  • If your device is acting slow, try the hard reset method on your device. It is a simple process which will be complete in less than 5 minutes. Simply press the power button and your device’s screen for 10 seconds continuously till the display turns ON.
  • Follow the prompt on your screen to do a Factory Reset on your device.

Things You Can Do Avoid Garmin Signal Lost Issue

  • Make sure you are not at a no coverage area
  • Always keep your device up to date
  • Do not use old batteries
  • Make sure your micro SD card is a high grade storage device
  • Never leave your Garmin GPS turn OFF for a long time
  • Do not cover the GPS device

Don’t set it around other electromagnetic instruments

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