How to Change or Reinstall the Coverage Map Using Garmin Express

Do you wish to reinstall or change the coverage Map using your Garmin express? You can simply change the region or coverage which are loaded on your device. You might need to do this under the following conditions:

  • A region is partially installed on the device, but you want to explore the different region.
  • You want a full coverage, but the only half region is installed on the device previously.
  • Map is deleted by accident, so it cannot be used by the user.

Follow the steps mentioned below to perform the task:

On Mac OS X or Windows

  1. Attach a Garmin device to the computer according to its compatibility.
  2. Start Garmin Express.
  3. Select your Garmin device from the home page.
  4. Tap on Map options.
  5. Click on Change Map or Reinstall Map.
  • To reinstall the region of the same map, click on Reinstall Map.
  • To select a different map, click on Change Map.
  1. Select Agree to all the Terms and conditions.
  2. Click Continue.

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When you select the option Change Map, if your GPS has a proper space left for the storage, the map region will be installed and downloaded on the largest available region for the map on the device. If the device does not have the sufficient space left for installing the map region, Express will detect the card automatically and ask you for the details to use it for updating the map. Select Continue to use it on the card.

How to Change or Reinstall the Coverage Map Using Garmin Express

In case of the insufficient space on the GPS

  1. The program will get the information that there is not sufficient space on the device for the installation process.
  2. Some options will be provided according to your device:
  • Use an SD card: Select this option to finish installation on the largest available space on the SD or memory card.
  • Select a region: Select this option to get a smaller map region installed on the device. Select continue to start the update.

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