7 Best Qualities You Can Have With Garmin Marine Electronics

Garmin is one of the best GPS makers around the globe but still there are a lot of Garmin GPS features which most of the people are not fully aware of. Garmin provides a wide range of such services for its Garmin marine electronics.

If you are a sailor and looking for a marine GPS device for your ship, here are the 7 high-tech qualities you can enjoy with Garmin marine charts GPS.

  1. Extraordinary Customer Support

It is a well-known fact that Garmin provides top quality products but have you ever wondered why millions of people trust Garmin? Simply because the company has an outstanding record in customer service. Garmin makes sure that it gives instant solutions to every customer query or issues.

With Garmin marine electronics, you can rest assured about one thing that if you ever feel the need to get in touch with Garmin customer support, you will receive your solution instantly. Providing a prompt customer support is a big plus point as it is a big factor in people’s purchasing style.

  1. LakeVü HD & Quickdraw

LakeVü HD & Quickdraw gives you a detailed water map due to contour mapping. Garmin has done a bathymetric survey to make sure its users enjoy a detailed water map on their Garmin marine devices. Not to mention that you can access some of the most remote water maps available on Garmin which can literally give you a explorer tag if you have a Garmin chartplotter with you.

You can have a 1 meter contour with the latest Quickdraw contours which means you can enhance the quality of your existing maps to a great extent. uickdraw contours software gives you instant HD fishing maps on your existing marine devices so that you can have a big haul of fish.

  1. A Well-Grounded And Reliable Machine

Garmin marine charts come out loaded with features which can help you a great deal during your voyage. Garmin makes its Garmin marine device with a wide consideration so that it can be used in all and every situation. You can trust your Garmin marine device to work absolutely fine during all your journeys.

Garmin tests its devices during harsh conditions and starts manufacturing of a new device only when it is completely satisfied with the test results. Garmin marine devices have been tested and emerged victorious in all the tests. The single fact that you can trust and rely upon your machine during a sea voyage is in itself a big factor to give Garmin marine a chance.

  1. A Perfect Integration Of Garmin Products

A Garmin marine device is just not another GPS device but it works as a combination of different high-tech devices. It is a perfect combination of various modern features which can enhance your marine map experience. You can enjoy

  • Using your VIRB XE, VIRB X and VIRB Ultra 30 cameras and enjoying G-Metrix features such as water temperature, water depth and boat speed.
  • Connecting your device with Garmin Nautix In-view display and accessing NMEA 2000 data on your sunglasses.
  • Connecting your device with Garmin Fenix smartwatches and accessing your data right from the your watch.
  1. Works On A Simple Process

Garmin marine electronics works on a simple process with a simple-to-use interface. Most of the high-tech marine charts come with a complex working procedure and it can confuse the sailor when they are out in the sea. Garmin marine electronics makes sure that its users have an easy interface which they can work out easily.

All the marine chart electronics are developed to perform equally well in freshwater and saltwater. You can have a GPSMAP 7600xsv series, echoMAP CHIRP series or a STRIKER series; they all promises to perform equally well in all the conditions which a sailor can hope for on the sea.

  1. Real CHIRP Sonar

Real CHIRP sonar has been regarded as one of the most clearest commercial sonar available as of now. Real CHIRP sonar gives you an exact location underwater and it can come handy if you are participating in a tournament of collecting fish. With Real CHIRP sonar, you can have ClearVü, SideVü and 2D CHIRP vision on your screen. The one thing which makes Real CHIRP sonar one step ahead of its competitors is that it provides best target separation.

  1. Panoptix LiveVü Sonar

Even though the Panoptix sonar comes in 2015, it is one of the most sought-after sonar due to its perfect performance. With Panoptix sonar, you can view even a smaller school of fish easily and it can create a big difference on your overall haul.  Whether you are a boat guide, a sailor or a fish hauler, Garmin electronics with Panoptix sonar is a must-have device for your boat.

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